Warmest winter day ever.

Early 30’s, midwest native living somewhere in Illinois, current grad student. Degree in English Rhetoric with a focus on creative writing, pursuing terminal degree of a MA in Digital Publishing.  Love camping. Love outdoors. Video Gamer Lite. He/His.

I am in love with people. We make the world. And the world, invariably, inescapably, makes us. Wow, we are beautiful. So, so beautiful. I love to connect, I’m extroverted, and I’d love to talk. Contact me cheisserer@gmail.com, or @CAHeisserer on Twitter.

My writing focuses strongly on psychology and the complexity of the psyche, the ID, EGO, SUPER EGO, the archetypal, the fantastic. In childhood, I spent lot of time surviving nightmares and wanting to tell people about them. This was the birth of my writing passion. Therefore, my books lean heavily on dream imagery and symbolism, psychological insights, and (usually) self-aware, complex characters. Furthermore, my books tend to sit squarely in science fiction or fantasy genres, with aspects of horror but little gore.

I spend my life in study of storytelling, narrative arts, and what makes people tick.

When I first opened this blog in 2012 (I think?), I assumed I’d be published within a few years. While that hasn’t happened–even with short stories–I have managed to finish several novels in the meantime, one of which is in final draft form. My projects are many, but the primary focus currently resides in Corpus Paradisum (working title), a post apocalyptic re-imagining of Don Quixote, where a fifty year old survivor by the name of Susursal seeks to save as many books as possible while collecting information on the apocalypse. His pantheon is great, his Dulcinea a god from his dreams. His friend and companion, Mael, barely in her 20’s, wants to know community, relationships, and life beyond merely surviving. Things grow dour when they draw the ire of a local drug lord who holds the information Susursal hunts. It’s currently around 120k, and will be finished somewhere around 150k, pre-draft cuts.

Current favorite books:

The Road
Good Omens
Liber Novus
Joyce’s Ulysses
Smollett’s Translation of Don Quixote

Favorite Movies/TV:

Batman V. Superman: The Dawn of Justice
The Fountain
The Arrival
The Finder
Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares
Love It or List It
Naked and Afraid
The Tick Live: Both Series


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