Midwest native, currently living in South City, St. Louis. The city of brick. The city of rushing water.

I’ve spent so much time looking for myself, and my voice, through writing that it’s hard to say what I am anymore.

I’m passionate about the outdoors.
I live for life, for the darkness of night.
I’m driven to inform and entertain.
I am a spiritual person.
I write fantasy that isn’t.
I study occult that isn’t.

Extroverted, aggressive, confident-to-cocky, loyal to a fault. I love my family, love my life, love my friends.

From a writing perspective, I am unpublished but have four finished novels. Two are paranormal fantasy, one is high fantasy, one is psychological fantasy. My major projects currently include a modern gunslinging fiction, a HP-esque modern fantasy about a boy and his magic school, and expanding my writing endeavors to include consistent freelance work.

Favorite books:
Ender’s Game
Good Omens
The Life of Pi
Jurassic Park
Anything by Dickens
Anything by Lovecraft
Anything by Poe


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    • Thanks! I appreciate it. I’ll have to figure out how I’ll pass it on: I don’t know if I’m currently following fifteen blogs. Not sure I’ve been around long enough.

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