Books in Progress (BiP)

I’ve spent enough time on WordPress that I feel I can start posting some of what I’m working on. It’s a short list (but probably not short to some). Sample chapters coming soon.

Of Salt and Wine
113k words Urban Fantasy, final draft finished

Soren, a disillusioned practicioner of magic living in suburban St. Louis, decides to help a haunted priest make sense of his visions. To make things difficult, Soren is plagued by a dark entity he calls Jack, who dedicates its time to teaching Soren valuable, destructive lessons. Profane creatures come out of the woodwork, a kickass girl with a mohawk might just be a succubus in disguise, and Soren hasn’t made peace with his past. With his abilities stretched to their limits, Soren must find a way to save the priest, his neighbor, his assistant, a congregation of churchgoers, and his dead girlfriend’s soul while keeping his sanity.

Of Earth and Blood
89k words Urban Fantasy, rough draft finished

The second finished novel in the Soren universe, this Urban Fantasy follows Soren as he tries to dissuade a ne’er-do-welling group of celebrity ghost hunters. They ignore him and he must practice magic to find, secure, and ultimately save the group from a dangerous, and ancient, evil. .

David and His Shade
120k (currently) words YA Modern Fantasy, 1st draft finished

David Price is a thirteen year old that fought to get admittance to a prestigious 8th grade boarding school. Only, he finds out, it’s a school of magic and he’s stuck with a nightmarish thing that keeps getting him in trouble. Rife with inhuman professors, elves that live in comatose bodies, and a tribe of “lost boys” bent on stealing as much magical “worldtree” wood as they can, this school nearly breaks David–until he learns to trust himself. (think more Lord of the Flies and less Harry Potter)

Red Wing Black
Unfinished Literature.

Shane’s got some mental issues. See, his girlfriend broke up with him, he wrecked his car by wrapping it around a lightpole, and he can’t keep his sarcastic mouth shut. He thinks the mental issues come in when he dreams about a blind horse in Iowa, an imaginary friend from childhood he calls Michael the Magician suddenly shows up at a bar, and he sees hyenas in hotel hallways. Fortunately for him, he meets Kaysha, a drop-dead bombshell that is the embodiment of the old west: stoic, cool, and sporting a brace of pistols at her hips. She, and his wounds, keep him pretty distracted from his ex. Oh yeah, and Kaysha is on the run from someone or another with big guns and deep pockets.

Shell Princess
73k words unfinished Epic Fantasy in the vein of Patrick Rothfuss

Nautilu was the name given to her when she boarded the Trekk, meaning stowaway, nationless, abandoned. The people who took her call themselves the Sanguine, a seafaring race of traders rooted deeply in an ancient religion that worships the moon. Plagued by dreams of the apocalypse, Nautilu embarks on a journey to make peace with her past, calm the dreams, and find herself. Unfortunately, the dreams start to come true, and all civilization goes to war with gods most people forgot exists.


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