Personal Life Update: Graduation, Grad School, and Humor (but not mine)


Cthulhu Flower needs a hug.

I’m going to try and continue writing in this, consistently, until I finish my studies at UIS.

I have four research projects, 10+ pages each. I have been running crazy for over a month. In many ways, time moves so slow. So very slow: only a month? In many other ways, my life passes me by. Thirty three years old. I won’t go down the list my mother has engrained in my head since I was a child. The shadow CV, as Bella calls it. The things I should have done. The things I could have done. The things I didn’t do. Couldn’t, under circumstances. I’m in a place of processing, revisiting old experiences, old lessons in my large book of life.
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The Ugly Curse of Empathy

False Baldcypress

False Baldcypress

Hello. My name is Chris. I’m highly empathetic. I’ve been this way all my life. While it’s been a benefit in my social life, and a great way to connect with my characters while writing, it’s also a damaging, distancing, disconnecting thing.

It seems like a strange thing to write: empathy can be a distancing, disconnecting perspective.

Let me elaborate.

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