Personal Update: Books


This is the most flattering pic of my ugly mug I can find from the past month. Me, throwing back a few beers at the family reunion. Note the eyes have that faraway look one might get after, say, imbibing a brewski or two.

Good afternoon/evening to those intrepid voyagers who find interest in my words. I’ve been writing in this for a while, and I like to periodically update on what I’m actually doing IRL, instead of positing opinions or rambling on about whatever topic I find important.

I’m ABSOLUTELY STOKED about all most of the happenings in my life and I’m running into a lot of great moments I want to share with whoever wants to listen. (Spoken like a true extrovert, I guess?)

So, here it is.


I actually laugh when I write this because it’s something that makes me giddy and, daily, surprises me. In the past three weeks, I’ve written over 15k on my novel Corpus Paradisum, and it’s quickly approaching the final fourth of the book. At 86k, currently, it will certainly run long. But my plan for the book’s size hasn’t changed since I first wrote out the outline, so I’m doing something right.

This creates a remarkable feeling of fulfillment in my life. Every time I’m sitting here, writing, working, acting, researching, I feel whole. I feel full. I’ve been studying Twitter a lot lately, as well, and while I don’t fit the mold for the average writer, I do have a starry-eyed interest in building up the writerly stamina needed to output words on a daily basis, be it for a novel or for other purposes. I tailored my Twitter feed to be filled with writers and agents, and it pays off daily. Especially the #amwriting tag. It’s beautiful. I love it. I know it’s not a community I actively touch, but it’s one I participate in, and I love it. I want more of it. Thank you.

I just got the letter that I made Dean’s List for a second semester–as some of you may know, I am graduating from college this summer (at 33. I know), and then diving directly into grad school in the fall. Dean’s List is a small success for me to proudly wave like a flag of courage. Another good thing.

Those are two HUGE milestones in my life: making my way through my book and making great grades, for the first time ever. While I have nearly six other finished novels in the wings, this is my strongest endeavor yet. Hopefully others will find this equally interesting.

ready-player-one-book-coverI just finished Ready Player One. I loved it. I want to talk to someone about it. Then I realized that it was published in 2011. I’m behind everyone, always, it seems. But a good book is a good book, right? Very unique. Very cool. I’ve never read a book before where all the technological aspects of current society, communication-wise, were incorporated as a benefit to the novel and not a hindrance. (For example, most modern works focus on phones for calling instead of internet, people meeting physically in bars or restaurants or whatnot instead of online discussions or emails, etc.) This book tore the hinges off intramedia communication. I could tell the writer knew something about internet connections, IPs, servers, and data transfer, too. Refreshing, if a little 80’s heavy. Beautiful. And gender identity, and equality, and all that was really, really well-maintained and observed throughout.


My next book will be the second in Tom Pollock’s City’s Son trilogy, The Glass Republic. Yes, it’s been out for a while, but a good friend of mine has agreed to read it with me, thus providing motivation to start, continue, and finish the thing. I’m excited! If anyone wishes to join in the reading, or discuss after I’m finished, I’d love to share a cup of coffee with you. (Note: I am still reading Perdido Street Station and Joyce and Moby Dick and Don Quixote, but more as research and less as fun)

Now on to the stresses. 1) I’m moving in a few weeks. This is terrifying. I hate moving. I have a lot of stuff (for one person to move). I’ll be happy when it’s over, but until then, I’m roughing it mentally. 2) I’ve been out-of-sorts the past three weeks. Unwell. I’d call it sick, but I’ve possibly stressed myself sick about things. I’m diabetic, but not terribly so, and I’ve been struggling with a lot of stresses since the end of the previous semester. I hit a huge wall after my finals were turned in, and I realized I had spent most of the semester making myself sick over the work I had to do. No matter of healthy eating or insulin could lower my blood sugar to manageable levels. That trend broke two nights ago, thank goodness, and I’m happy to say I’m back down to normal levels. Other issues still persist, but I’m currently getting medical intervention for them (endocrinologist etc). 3) I have no financial aid. This is part of what’s stressing me about point 2. I currently have no job. I exist on retirement from my previous job and the seemingly endless kindnesses of my parents, whom I regret taking advantage of.

That’s about it. I could ramble about a bunch of stuff, but I’ll save that for another day. Or another post. In fact, I’m going to write one about Witcher III right now and get it posted in a few days. Maybe a review of Ready Player One? Anyone interested? I’d love to know!



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