Hi Beam

I haven’t written poetry in a long while. It doesn’t come easy, but this came to me tonight while I drove home.

The lights of this city glare
At night,
Too much buzzing and forgetful watchers
When your head is mud
All you think about is bright and white
Where have all the shadows gone?

It’s always wet right beside the sidewalk,
Where rainwater pools and drips
From leaves to loam and puddles up
Where your ankle twists,
And your eyes see that glare
Right where
Nature demands some kind of sacrifice

I trip.

Even with the windows down the fog
Fills up the windshield, adding blur
To injury and numb nimbus thought

You know those moments
Where you want to keep both hands on
The steering wheel, yet your glasses
Might be smeared with something
Salty and tentative,

So you look through blurs of blur
Of dirty glass straight into glare
And can’t help but stare–

And trip

When perhaps you should wipe
Or squint. Or fix. Or slip.

Into the parking space.
Night-thought of a dog in the rain-
What is this?

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