V-Blog: Audiobookish

The best way to keep word count to a minimum? V-Blog!

Given I had a day off, with little to do but watch TV, write, or ponder the deep stuff, I decided to dip my fingers in the Video Blogging (again). My hard-core readers (of which there’s… none?) know I posted a few in 2013, but things have changed a bit, and I think I’m ready to continue with my pursuit of podcasting.

Aaaand my reaction to watching this:

What are your reactions? It’s all a work in progress. I’d love to hear your input, thoughts, insights, etc. If I can separate the audio track from the video track (which I can), I’ll be able to upload the audio to SoundCloud or something, and have a good long “podcast” without worrying about how I look. I guess. If I were to go more into Video Blogging, I’d change the scenery quite a bit, update my look, get a little closer to the camera, etc.

Also, less “uh. um. uuuuh.”


2 thoughts on “V-Blog: Audiobookish

  1. I can’t actually see this. I think I lack some plugin or another on my Kindle for it. Boo, mobile device. BOO.

    However, I gift you with a golden star because I think we have similar futons. Only ours is black. How the hell do you keep a futon white, anyhow? Mine would have coffee all over it in a heartbeat.

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