Reading, Writing, Video Blogging, Hiking, and Podcasting, a Whodunnit Thriller

Taken at Carondelet Park.

Taken at Carondelet Park.

I recently made two major changes to my life. One, I had the good fortune to catch the eye of a phenomenal woman (who I call Orchid, on here), and Two, I began pursuing alternative ways to keep my work from overwhelming me. I can’t write while I work: no access to a computer, a desk, or anything resembling a stable surface. I can’t read while I work: too little time, too much work to do, and the job is rarely finished until I’m driving down the road and onto my next one.

So what did I do? I listened, and in more than one way. My coworkers have been bugging me to buy a bluetooth earpiece so we can talk while we work, and Orchid mentioned how much she enjoys listening to podcasts on her long drives to and from work (1/2 hour each way, if traffic cooperates). I bought the bluetooth with two things in mind: socialization with others and listening to music/podcasts.

Podcasting has changed the way I see almost everything.This is a story about how I want to change my life, one word at a time. And I found a way to do that. Several ways.

Time with Orchid is calming. She brings something to the table I haven’t yet seen from a partner, and that’s a kind of intelligence that doesn’t hold itself up to the light. It’s the intelligence my parents grew up with. The intelligence I think they wanted to impart to me, but somehow missed the mark by distance to extended family and an education program that valued books over common sense. Not that I don’t have it. Just not as much.

I am fundamentally warmed by her insight. I sometimes wish I brought more to the table. Maybe I do and I don’t see it.

But this post isn’t about her. It’s about podcasting.

Before Christmas I spent a serious amount of time considering buying a GoPro camera: small, rugged, durable, and the right camera can film in 4k. I saw it as a great way to v-blog and get outside more often, two things I desperately wanted to pursue for the past, well, since it got cold. Outside? Needed. Blogging? Needed.

But after a short discussion with people in the know, I recognized I pursued going outside by trying to kill two birds with one stone: connecting with an online audience and keeping in shape. If I were outside all the time, hiking already, that’d be one thing. Or v-blogging more often. It’d be different. Since I don’t, and I’m not, buying a GoPro camera would most likely mean it sitting in the corner of my closet for four months until I got outside, and even then sporadically.

It isn’t the right thing for me right now. Maybe ever.

Half a step to the right of v-blogging is podcasting. I can do it right now. Everything is set up. I can discuss writing topics. I can load it on this blog.

So I’ve been researching. A little secret to how I live my life–the two birds with one stone strategy tends to win out every time. I can’t simply do something for a single, sole purpose. Not usually. For example, I don’t play video games (much) without my brother beside me. It isn’t very enjoyable, and I could think of better things to do with my time. Like watch TV. If I want to go out to eat, I don’t do it just for myself. If I can do it with someone else? Hugely more enjoyable. I don’t know why. It just is. I love it.

So I’ve been researching (to continue with the story) podcasts. And podcasting. I’ve spent a lot of time during the past two weeks listening to Radiolab and The Wolf Den and The Nerdist and TED Radio and Podcast Method (how meta), and simply studying all of it. I studied the people who interview other people. I studied Neil deGrasse Tyson’s plans to bring science to the pop culture crowd. I studied the right mic (H5) and my most favorable execution style (most likely via a range of environments and not a “home base”) and topic consideration and everything. Instead of pining away my inability to write while I work, I’ve studied alternative routes of personal interest.

Orchid (I’ve been spending a lot of time with her lately) said I should continue to try new things, because I have no idea whether I’ll like it or not until I do it.

It’s a great way to look at life. It’s a great way to look at other things, too. I also have thoughts on niche marketing ideas for further down the road. Who knows?

But I have to take my first step. Podcasting ties directly into everything I wanted to do with the GoPro, with my V-Blogging, with getting more active, with my writing (audiobooks, anyone? I mean, duh), and ultimately my whole well-being.

So what am I waiting for? Down time. Hahaha Excuses, I know. Jump in two feet and make it happen.

Indirectly, the first thing that changed my life also ties into the second. Podcasting is a much more accessible way to attain my goals, and might, eventually, tie into GoPro. Or something. Who knows? Not thinking there. Just here. Just today.

Words. I have a powerful need to use them, in whatever way I can, to get to an audience.

Any of you have any insights, stories, thoughts to share? I’d love to hear them. Just leave a post on this blog page or send an email to Thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “Reading, Writing, Video Blogging, Hiking, and Podcasting, a Whodunnit Thriller

  1. I know nothing about vbogging, and therefore have no advice for you whatsoever, but I’d be interested in seeing (hearing?) what you put out. I’ve considered doing it myself, but honestly, I don’t think my voice is gonna help me sell many books, except possibly to the Beverly Hillbillies.

    Orchid has a good point, you don’t know what you like until you try it. So good luck, hopefully this is something that works for you!

    • I will post a vlog soon enough. I posted a few earlier, a while back (before you and I started talking), and it was enjoyable. But seeing myself while I talk is a little disconcerting. Plus I want something to talk about. Haha

      Respect might be a good topic.

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