I Prefer Music With a Punch

Took this over the weekend.

Took this over the weekend.

I had a spiritual experience at a gay bar in Buffalo, New York, four years ago.

If you know me at all, you shouldn’t be surprised.

I went to Buffalo for two reasons: as part of a paranormal investigation crew investigating a pair of haunted locations, and to eat as many buffalo wings as humanly possible. After the investigations and two buffalo wing meals, the crew went on a bar crawl across the city. I’m not much of a drinker, but I went anyway because I wanted to see New York night life. It ended at a gay bar with loud, pumping music, fog machines and a very large man on the back patio reading tarot with a vulnerable lisp.

He wasn’t bad.

He wasn’t the spiritual experience, although I absolutely loved watching him work.

The experience had to do with a long white couch, a thick, foggy haze, and too much alcohol. Anybody who’s been to a rave or a club knows the music is intended to overwhelm you while you let loose and party hard. I’ve always wanted to go. I’d never been, before then.

A lot of people hate loud music. It’s an annoyance; can’t talk, can’t hear, hurts your head, creates migraines. Overwhelms you.

I love being overwhelmed.

This bar had three people dancing, with one guy jumping on a large stage when he saw us enter. Nobody came close, most stayed at the actual bar, and it was as dead as you could imagine. Me, the fog, the couch, and the music that sent me soaring.

I learned a long time ago the moment isn’t what’s important, but your ability to bloom when the moment comes. I bloomed that night, alone, in a strange city with a bunch of people I’d just met. The spiritual side of me grew up and out, like a slow-motion mushroom cloud, like a worldtree growing.

Since then I’ve had an absolute love for heavy beat and loud music. Dubstep? No way. That’s mostly violence and hardly a beat. But dj techno? Hard trance music? Euro-house? Yes. It improved on my writing, improved my focus, updated my tastes. I don’t even need to roll an E to taste that shit on my tongue. The more spiritually aware you are, the higher you go naturally. It’s exhilarating.

Much love.


PS- After posting this I realized I left ZERO examples of what grew out of this experience.

Silversun Pickups Remix


Vocal Trance


Glitch Mob Beats Antique Remix

Avicii Remix

(And of course the song that blew two sets of speakers in my car) NIN Starf*ckers Remix (Explicit Lyrics)


One thought on “I Prefer Music With a Punch

  1. Oh, the beauty of the simple moment.

    Not a fan of trance myself–or, well, I’m saying I’m not. I’ve had friends inform me what I listen to is about half trance, but I think our definitions are confused. But anyway–sometimes the biggest moments, the most sturm und drang filled moments, aren’t the defining ones. For instance, I barely remember my senior prom. Or my graduation. Or my first day at college. But do I remember sitting at a coffee shop a few weeks later with sun on my legs, watching people walking by? Yes.

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