Writing Friday: Character Vines

A great way to outline your character arc; never thought of it before, and she says it great herself.

Piss, Coffee, and Vinegar

I want to first be clear about something. Absolutely crystal fucking clear.

When I say ‘vines’, I don’t mean whatever weird internet trending popular twitteriffic hocus pocus yahoo-mail-having VOODOO the rest of you mean. I mean a type of plant that grows on things. I mean this because flowcharts look a lot like vines to me. Vines, with little square leaves.

Obviously, my college major did not involve a ton of chartmaking.

I should add here that the most productive thing I have used flowcharts for, possibly ever, was creating a passive aggressive note explaining to my boyfriend when PRECISELY it is okay to grab a clean glass from the cabinet. Obviously, it looked like this:


A fine use, you must agree. But anyway: after first learning about them in grade school twenty years ago, I’ve come up with a SECOND use for a flowchart. This involves characterization and writing…

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