Halloween Stories in October

Every year (except for last year) I try to write a Halloween-themed short story. I write it for two reasons. One: I get really excited that/this time of year, and two: I’m really bad at short stories. I have six or seven written, all terrible. Conflict/resolution sucks. They’re always too long because of what I try to include as backstory.

But I love the season, and I love to spend a month writing something terrible, even if nobody else ever sees it.

I started wondering if anyone else did something similar for Halloween, or if someone wanted to do it this year. It’d be fun to read and share.

I also have no idea what I’ll be writing this year, but I have a feeling it’ll involve four characters dressed as other characters getting candy door-to-door. And they’re way too old to be out.


2 thoughts on “Halloween Stories in October

  1. I usually make a sad, SAD attempt at short-short horror around this time of year. Last year’s involved a devil who looks just like the guy on a can of deviled ham.

    This might be a fun seasonal thing to do. Might take my mind of the ghosts of back-to-school blues as well, which have extended well into adulthood.

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