St. Louis Owns Me

Aaaah. I missed my SLPA (St. Louis Publishing Association) meeting this month, and it’s killin’ me! Stupid (insert excuse here)!

This place, this city, is a city of brick. I’ve said it before, but I’ve spent so much time driving around this city (and the surrounding… suburbs? Everything seems swallowed up by St. Louis), I can’t help but feel full-throttle awe about this place.

I started writing Of Salt and Wine four years before I moved here, and I had decided the MC lived in St. Louis (on Forest Park Avenue, no less. I made his parents Rich SOBs, in hindsight) with little experience, knowledge, or understanding of the place. Given it’s a paranormal-slanting, modern fantasy with ghosts and demons, I figured it fit pretty well with the somewhat Little Orleans feel to the city. So much abandoned (as I’d assume every city) space, so many stories buried beneath stories (did you know, near the intersection of Brentwood Blvd and Manchester, there’s a series of caves a-la Meramac that anyone wishing to dig has to take special care not to disturb, or else risk a sinkhole?), and so much heritage it’s a little overwhelming when I try to map it out.

I might move Soren from Forest Park Ave. He’s not that rich. He isn’t rich at all, actually. Up until the story starts, he was homeless (by choice). Maybe somewhere near Webster Groves…

I’m darn certain book two of the series, where before he went into Shawnee National Forest to find a deserted mineshaft and save some Ghost Hunters from monsters, WILL be moved to that Brentwood/Manchester location, in the carved-out basement of some untenanted home beside a church. I know that intersection so well I could drive there in my sleep. Maybe. It’s also near where the SLPA has its meetings.

And the architecture. Holy. Crap. This place is old. Old old old. ’60’s old. ’50’s old. Older still. And the new stuff doesn’t fit. Siding, in most areas, sticks out like a sore thumb. NON-brick homes seem strange. And don’t get me started on Balwin. Some of the most scenic locations I’ve ever seen (’round these parts).

Obsessively listening to Glitch Mob of late. Not the latest album–not cohesive enough for me to zone. But Drink the Sea? Yes. And Bastille. And MS MR. And Florence. And Silversun Pickups. MMMm-hmm.

I hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend. I’m ordering pizza.


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