Yeah. I said it.

I had a red bull for the first time in, oh, three months, so bear with the thought process. I may be way too excited for something that simply doesn’t come across as interesting to the rest of the (writing, artistic, Liberal Arts) community.

I “failed” NaNoWriMo, mostly because of (insert excuse here), and partially because I had a kind-of awakening. A writing friend of mine (I have so few. Like, two? I need more…) and I talked about it, along with a post here and there concerning the sheer weight of what I found (re-found, really).

Write your story and STFU. I entered the project to see if I can write 50k on a novel I had no “inspiration” about. I can’t. I had many inspirational dreams (for instance, all-night tattoo session with a mystery woman: wtf?), many inspirational moments, but in the end, I learned so much more than what I expected. I must unlearn all I’ve picked up in the past three years. I must remove all the “education” I received (and by “remove,” I’m not removing what I learned about  horrendous passive verb usage. Not happening). I must learn to infodump. I must learn to immerse. I must learn to invent and reinvent. I must make the story real, and keep the pace. Always with the pace.

So, I’m giving this another go. I want to write 50k in December. I want to do this because I feel I hiccuped on a particularly juicy appetizer, then lost interest in the main course. So I’ve vomited it all back up again, and am preparing to re-ingest. Nasty metaphor, I know. Yum.

The story I will be self e-publishing is a foray into something incredible. I love the story more (and have worked on it less) than any other piece I’ve finished, so I’m excited about that. I’ll pursue that once I get stabilized with a new job, after I get some cats, a new computer, and some money saved up for such a shindig.

I feel so backward, but not. Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was awesome. Hope your December is just as awesome.

Also, I wrote a second short story. I don’t think it’s worth a damn thing. Let’s hope I’m wrong.


2 thoughts on “ChriDecWriMo

  1. Your use of quotations when you said failed makes me think you know you didn’t really fail. I don’t think anyone fails when they don’t finish because the whole point of the activity is to write. You wrote and therefore you succeeded. Numbers are just technicalities. I initially did it because I wanted to write a book. I got so hung up on the memoir that I needed a fresh start and I did it and it felt good.

    I think we all go into it for different reasons and come out learning lessons, even if they weren’t lessons we were pursuing, and it looks like that happened with you. I’m glad you participated and good luck with the December writing!

  2. (Sorry for the late reply)
    I’m taking a page from your book and trying to write nonfic. Tough. Tough stuff to say the least. Yet even after writing that little bit, my head’s on board. Whoo.

    I liked what I learned. I needed to try NaNo.

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