Moving Forward with Self-Pub

Most of what I say about my writing is just me stewing in my own thoughts about whether to self-publish or not. I know it’s strong enough to garner a following, and I know I could write forever, on anything.

So I’m moving forward. Not immediately, certainly, but at the moment I’ve decided I’ll be self-publishing my novel David and his Shade. What this means, for me, is I have to find a professional editer to study my work (I don’t care who you think you are, no matter how great a writer, or how creative/artistic, you absolutely NEED a pair of professional eyes to look at your work. If only the first few times), find art for the cover, and get the UPCs purchased. I know, even if I don’t print any actual copies, it will cost me around 1k in money I don’t currently have to get it moving.

Now that I’m married, now that I’ve moved in and settled down, I feel I can begin pushing my dream forward. As soon as I get the cash, I’ll start the advertising (I know I don’t need money for the ad, but I do need money for everything that comes before it).

I might even make one of those nifty youtube trailer videos for it. “In a world where magic is real…”

As if it wasn’t real here.

Projects Soren are on the back burner for now. I’m shifting focus.

(If anyone knows of a good professional editor for an upstart writer, please let me know. I’m going at this blind, and will probably do internet research, which isn’t the best in my opinion.)


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