My First Agent Oops

Outside my writing bubble, I’m a carefree, laid back, casual guy. Whatever you want to do, I’m gravy. Inside my writing bubble, on the other hand, I’m a mad scientist sweating bullets while staring lasers into a (seemingly) empty beaker.

I’m never happy with my work. I’m my own worst critic. I study a page before I move on. Doubly so with submitting queries to agents.

I finally did it. I inadvertently sent an outdated chapter as part of a package to an agent. And I wanted to do this one special, too, so I wrote the whole query from scratch, opened my heart, pitched the story in a much more realistic, respectable manner (instead of my Book Trailer-esque query). I grabbed the file (without looking: I had just saved and exited five minutes bef0re) and sent.

Then, being anal as I am, I opened the files I sent them to make certain. Horror knows no bounds than an anal-retentive writer realizing a fatal mistake. Haha

It was the similar .docx file instead of the specially saved .doc file I had prepared. It hurt. Deep down, I freaked out a little like when a child loses a parent at Disneyland.

So I sent a second email, apologizing, with the proper attachment. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll take pity on my plight and disregard the first attachment. Fingers crossed.

On an unrelated note, rewrite 4 of IGMAN (It Gave Me a Name) is going very smooth. I had to strip down the first five chapters due to a huge flow issue (Ch 2-4 consisted of a conversation between the MC and an assistant. Literally Hi How Are Ya with nothing else going on). It’s 100k words, this book. I’m at page 93 of 173. After reading two chapters in a day, it just starts to flow, and it’s heck to separate yourself from reading it and just study the thing.


3 thoughts on “My First Agent Oops

  1. Fingers crossed for you. To err is human; to forgive is divine. Hopefully he doesn’t have a sign on his wall that my civics professor had – “To err is human; to forgive is not my policy.” Strangely enough, he was the best professor I had that year.

    Great job on keeping up the progress. I know from my view it is a drilling and daunting task. Don’t sweat too many bullets.

    • 😀 I eat bullets for breakfast…

      I have yet to get a letter that is more than a form rejection. I’m doing something wrong, and even after… 75+ queries, I still have no idea what. Perhaps it is that query.

      Thank you for your kind words. Speaking of daunting: you, my friend, are quite prolific on your blog. I can hardly keep up.

  2. A crunchy yet fortifying breakfast! 🙂

    Ugh, my blog. Alas, I have reached a peak that I cannot stop writing. I’m working along with my own writing, submit and wait routine and have articles written in a binder that I go over and over editing. Maybe I will slow down at some point? Ha! We shall have to wait and see.

    Thanks for still reading. It seems I lost some readers with my post yesterday and today on the mental health topic. Oh, well!

    By the way…just an errant thought really, mayhap the answer is within you and not within the queries?

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