Proofreading and Critiquing.

I recently added a “BiPs” tab, where I explain what I’m currently working on (in the Novel sphere. My freelance writing is something else entirely). I’m literally working on three novels at once (the second Soren book is on the backburner. Probably until the first one is published, so I won’t be touching that little piece for a while): one Urban Fantasy/Horror hybrid (themes of both, though nothing gratuitous. Like looking at a Beksinski painting), one Modern Fantasy on a parallel world (this one has Two Mile High Magical Trees!), and an adventure/romance story with fantasy elements thrown in (he’s a little loose in the head).

I’ve worked on the Urban Fantasy for nearly two years now: after I wrote it the first time, I rewrote it, sent it out to be proofed, rewrote it again before sending it out to agents/publishers, and in the meantime rewrote portions a third time. Now I’m looking at it, and I’m removing more (cleaning the wordiness: I’ve learned a lot since my previous rewrite).

At the same time I’m rewriting the Modern Fantasy for the first time: aligning bits and portions of the story to fit together, adding “flair,” and removing needless diatribes about something unimportant. The voice of these two novels are similar in that the main characters are in magical worlds with similar themes, and everyone’s trying to survive.

The third, unfinished work is what’s scaring me a little. With the other two, the story drones on after a while–strong conflict pitting people against themselves and the setting–yet it all turns into a buzz if you stare at it long enough (maybe it’s just me: I’ve been short on sleep lately). The Romenture (Romance-Adventure) novel is sexy. Like, the Urban Fantasy has sexy. Bits and pieces. The Modern Fantasy is about a bunch of thirteen year olds: no sexy there. But the Romenture is a dance between two very different people. It’s like a secondary cyclone spinning about in the hurricane, and it’s really, really hot. Plus, the thing just rolls. I proofed it for two days and already halfway done (53k. about halfway finished with the whole book). I’m finding places to snip and shorten, butdamnit gets stuffy in here.

Why it scares me is I have two finished products and I’m seriously considering finishing the Romanture. My fiancee will vouch for this: I don’t stay on a topic long enough to get it published. It’s my greatest weakness when it comes to writing. I am perpetually inspired, and if I had my way, I’d write all day. Non-stop. Forever.

No writer’s block. No lack of information/topic/subject material. It’s just hot. And the main character is so far from myself, but I love it. He’s shallow as hell–the female is the mature one of the two–and I’m just devouring it like some kind of twisted romance fluff novel for dudes.

Anyway. That’s where I am right now on my work: Urban Fantasy on fourth rewrite, Modern Fantasy on first, Romanture gearing up for a full smack in the face.

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