White Wine is Better Than Red

…Mostly because I avoid red meat.

I could end the entry there, but I won’t.

I actually love reds. In fact, before I met my fiancee, red was my poison (now it’s Goldschlager, but that’s beside the point). She came along, eschewed red meat, and of course showed me a little of her experience. And, I must add, she is averyexperienced woman.

I’m no connoiseur, nor purveyor of fine wines. I barely know the French to describe it. Furthermore, I’ve only attended a single wine tasting in my entire life (I’m a po’ boy. I want to do more, I just can’t afford it).

I love white wines, although I certainly prefer the sweeter to the dry. So why is white wine better than red? Whites go well with a much larger variety of food, for one–they are paired specifically well to fish and poultry, though they also apply to all vegetarian dishes like salad or vegetable stew. (If my fiancee had her way, all we’d be eating is vegetarian. Unfortunately, given my place in the Midwest, fresh fruit/vegetables are contained to the major cities, and we’re too far away from them.)

They’re lighter than reds, both in flavor and calories (a glass of white, on average, will contain 20 calories while a glass of red will contain 110). The most robust white wines are softer than reds, and drinking white doesn’t fill you up the way reds do. Always a plus.

So red wines are essentially reserved to the dessert palate, and given my propensity for Nerds as a dessert (gotta watch my diabetic figure), I’ve found it nearly impossible to find time to drink any. Plus the price: alcohol’s not cheap.

This weekend I had the opportunity to sample my first two moscato wines (Yellowtail and Barefoot, respectively: Walmart brands, and not something I bought at my local liquor store). They tasted cheap but flavorful–sweet, with a little bit of dryness at the end. Of course, the light fizz also improved the enjoyment, as well. I’d consider it similar to Champagne, although I can’t compare the two with any authority.

Now, if I could only remember the names of those expensive wines I recently had…



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