A Diabetic’s Perfect Candy

What might that be? Nerds.

If you live in America, you’ll know how carb-packed everything seems to be. Especially if you’re poor (which I am). I liked the statement, “We’re morbidly obese while starving to death,” to enforce our carb culture. It’s true.

I like sugar, though. In fact, sugar is easier for me to handle than other kinds of carbs like rice and pasta. The complex stuff stays in my system forever, constantly pushing up my blood sugar level. It’s like eating garlic at lunch with a date at dinner. Unless you want her to enjoy the puff of gross, you’re in trouble if you don’t plan ahead.

Same with the carbohydrates.

Yet, I’ve been recently experimenting with some of the candies/sugars that extinguishes the sweet tooth flame, and I have to say Nerds is perfect for the diabetic with candy needs. Reeses’ Pieces, M&Ms, and Skittles probably work, too, I guess, but Nerds are so small that you can suck a piece at a time and get so little actual sugar in your body, you can go at it for a while.

Anyway, anyone looking at the carb counts on the back of boxes (which I do religiously: I worship the serving size number almost as much, those tricky little devils) will know even the smallest cookie packs a punch. Ice cream, coupled with that whole lactose stupidity my body has decided to develop, leaves me dumbfounded and sleepy even with the tiny 4 oz cups. And cookies go stale, ice cream comes in tubs, you feel obligated to eat it all.

Personally, same with the M&Ms. I don’t know why. I eat one and I’m wanting a handful.

Not so with Nerds. It has a harsh sweetness to it, a sour that makes you pucker your lips, and it slows that craving to nothing, especially if you’re being conscious about eating the pieces one at a time. It’s not good for the major cravings, of course. For those I recommend a heavy helping of Moose Tracks and lose your blood sugar monitor for the night.

I’ve decided it’s my perfect candy. Just wanted to share.




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