Simple vs. Easy

I love simple. I’m a complex person (or at least I’d like to think I am), but I love simple. I love organized, straight lines. I love start-to-finish projects. My writing style reflects complexity. My lifestyle reflects simplicity.
I want to get one thing straight. Simple isn’t always easy. In fact, over half the time, simple is difficult. The stress that sometimes accomodates keeping life simple through relationships, food prep, and even worship can make the effort seem pointless. It isn’t. It’s delicious.
Media overloads us with pointless information. This isn’t news to anyone. Food fills us with wood pulp, refined and overprocessed synthetic materials, hormones, and chemicals. Again, no news here. As a society, we condone extroversion over introversion, we wear our lives on our sleeves, and are trained, through media outlets, to ignore problems and push forward. Quiet is wasted space. The bottom dollar seems to rule every aspect of our lives.
Two words for that. Bull shit. Capitalism is not condusive to self-growth. So for the sake of this blog, capitalism is a wasted word.
Enter all those mystical hippy/Eastern spiritual practices that accompany the idea of zen and inner peace. Why does this carry such a negative connotation? It shouldn’t. It’s enjoyable.
Fixing the complication of media life can be as simple as turning off the TV or spending a few extra bucks on something truly healthy, like free range chicken instead of main brand, real green beans instead of canned, or removing the daily/weekly/all fast food from your diet. On a side note, Taco Bell’s “ground beef” is under siege: the FDA says because it’s over 60% plant product (soy), it can’t be considered ground beef. Huh.
Back to simple vs. easy. I took the easy way out. Last January (2011) I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was a healthy person growing up: model extrovert, soccer player, actor, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, Boy Scouts. I was active, vibrant, social, but I ate terrible. As I grew older, and I got a little lazy, I stopped beign so active, and instead of drinking regular fluids and food, I went entirely to a diet of soda and processed food. I’m not talking about diet soda. I’m talking about regular old Dr. Pepper. (Diet soda is worse: aspartame is like nicotene. It dumbs me down to being nearly unable to think, gives me headaches and surprisingly makes me so ravenous I could eat a whole chain of McDonald’s.)
I didn’t gain weight. In fact I was the thinnest I had been since high school, because I was eating so few calories. But I was weak, and drinking/eating the way I did destroyed my pancreas. I wouldn’t be diabetic if I had handled myself differently. If I had taken the simple way out, and not the easy one, I would be a healthier person today.
I feel blessed to be diabetic. Why? I’m forced to eat properly, healthy, and eat foods in moderation. My portion sizes are smaller, my junk food intake is obviously much reduced, and I’m filled with energy.
Simple is best. Always. I’m not saying complicated isn’t enjoyable, or wrong, or evil. I love complicated and complex. I’m saying simple is best when it comes to living your lifestyle, managing healthy relationships, and contributing to your mental health.

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